Man of my Dreams (2017)

A lonely housewife daydreams of a better life.
Debuting at TCAF 2017. Available for sale, soon.

Danny (2016)

A compilation of comics and illustrations about Danny. 
Available for sale, soon.


(Twenty One, 2015)

A mother recounts her experiences of leaving home at 21 to her daughter as she gets ready to move away from home for the the first time.

Published in Common Aliens: Writing on Diaspora, by Atelier Celadon, 2015 and Loose Leaf Magazine Volume 2, 2016.

So What

Teens, Diane and Michelle struggle with growing up.
Sponsored by the Fine Arts Reading Room and done with the help of the Fine Arts Reading Room Publishing Grant.

Hard-copy available to read at the Fine Arts Reading Room.

I Lost Myself for a While but
I'm Good Now

A non-autobiographical short story on how I lost myself in 2014. 
Released at the Toronto Comics Arts Festival 2014.

Available at 211 Drawn and Quarterly book store. 


Old Comics

Summertime Blues (2015)

What a Waste of Love (2014)

Dirt Cheap (2013)